Take Action To Protect 340B

The threats to 340B are severe and getting worse, and patients are being harmed. The actions of drug manufacturers and pharmacy benefit managers are threatening the viability of the 340B program. This valuable program ensures patients of community health centers and other safety net providers are able to access affordable prescription drugs. It is a lifeline to Oregonians and millions across the country, particularly patients in rural areas, especially for those with chronic conditions like diabetes. These predatory efforts by the pharmaceutical industry will collapse this important resource, decrease access to medications, and create even higher drug costs.


We need you to reach out to your members of Congress and ask them to fight for the 340B Drug Program. Collectively, we must join together to remind Congress that the 340B Drug Pricing Program is critically important for our patients to maintain access to life-saving medications.


Only Congress can fix these issues, and provide the 340B program with the long-term stability that CHCs and their patients need.



  1. Fill in the form with your information to identify your member(s) of Congress
  2. Next, you will see a preview of the pre-written personalized letter that will be sent to your member(s) of Congress. Feel free to edit the letter or leave it as is, but we strongly encourage you to add a personal story about how 340B plays an important role for you, your health center, and the patients who rely on low-cost prescription drugs.
  3. Hit the ‘Send Message’ button to send the letter!

Thank you for your help protecting access to health care!