Spotlight on Staff: Q&A With Sonya Howk

Spotlight on Staff: Q&A With Sonya Howk

Introducing OPCA’s Sustainability Manager

Name, title, and preferred pronouns: Sonya Howk; Sustainability Manager; she/her/hers

What are 2-3 things we should know about you as a person? I am the parent of a hard-of-hearing child so have learned a lot about how the ear works and how the brain perceives sound. I love popcorn and have been known to eat it, with or without wine, for dinner. Best wine with popcorn? Pinot Noir. I am an introvert but cannot wait for the pandemic to end so I can see people in person again.

What are 2-3 things we should know about your role at OPCA? I work on the Sustainability Team and am one of three Sustainability Managers; I focus on general operational issues and if I don’t know something, or can’t find an answer to your question, I usually know who to ask. I facilitate the Operation Directors Peer group which acts as a sounding board, support, and best practices sharing for FQHC operational issues and emergency preparedness. I have read the HRSA FQHC compliance manual three times, and am still learning the nuances that make up the health center program.

What OPCA value do you identify with most and why? OPCA values are social justice, integrity, collaboration, innovation, data driven. I identify most with the value of collaboration. As we learn and share together, we provide each other with new knowledge, but also support growth and community.

What excites you about the work you do at OPCA? Working with health centers and health center staff, being able to connect people to each other and to resources, and of course, learning all of the innovative ways health centers help their patients.

Anything else you want to share? This is my second go-around in the PCA world. I worked for NWRPCA many years ago as well.

Reach out to Sonya for questions about the Operation Directors Peer Group, the Dental Directors Peer Group, HRSA compliance manual, Operational Site Visits, and emergency preparedness.

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