Introducing OPCA’s Office Administrator

Name, title, and preferred pronouns: Brecklynn Williams, Office Administrator, she/her/hers

What are 2-3 things we should know about you as a person? I am a transplant who moved to Portland in 2016 from Missouri with my two dogs. Since moving here 4 ½ years ago, I’ve been slowly growing—pun intended—my plant collection, and love sharing clippings and trading tips/tricks with other plant enthusiasts.

What are 2-3 things we should know about your role at OPCA? I am lucky enough to work daily with OPCA’s Operations Team to ensure that things are running smoothly behind the scenes at OPCA. If I’m not helping the human resources manager with hiring and benefits administration, you can find me strategizing and implementing new systems and processes with our Operations Senior Manager and Finance and Operations Senior Director. I also get to facilitate weekly All Staff Check-In meetings, which is fun because I get to learn so much about our organization and what everyone is working on.

What OPCA value do you identify with most and why? OPCA values are social justice, integrity, collaboration, innovation, data driven.While I think all of OPCA’s values hold a valid and deserving spot, I most identify with collaboration. Working on a team with other people who bring knowledge, ideas, and a difference of perspective to the table is such an incredible feeling. I am a firm believer that working together can create a bigger and better output on almost everything.

What excites you about the work you do at OPCA? I am excited every day to know that I am making work days easier for the staff at OPCA who are on the ground doing work with our community health centers. I enjoy being able to remove barriers that keep them from focusing on the bigger picture. It is such a joy to know that I am helping these incredible people achieve impactful results.

Anything else you want to share? Coming from Missouri, I am always open to fun, new barbecue restaurant suggestions—so please send them my way!

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