Introducing OPCA’s Events & Marketing Specialist

Name, title, and preferred pronouns: Malia Turina, Events & Marketing Specialist, she/her/hers

What are 2-3 things we should know about you as a person? I grew up Portland, and now live in NE Portland with my husband and our two cats. In non-COVID times, my summer weekends are usually filled with events, as I freelance as a wedding coordinator. In the summer, I spend lots of time outdoors and try to get as many hikes as possible while the weather is nice.

What are 2-3 things we should know about your role at OPCA? I have experience in many different aspects of event coordination and marketing, and really enjoy the nuts and bolts. My goal is to help create meaningful, engaging trainings and events for our members and staff, even as we move through this new virtual environment. 

What OPCA value do you identify with most and why? OPCA values are social justice, integrity, collaboration, innovation, data driven. Social justice is something that is really important to me, so it means a lot to know that OPCA brings this front and center in all of our work. I know that even when I am doing something behind the scenes, I am supporting CHCs that are providing crucial services, and doing the work to help reduce health disparities in our Oregon communities.

What excites you about the work you do at OPCA? I love that my work at OPCA allows me to use my skills in event coordination and passion for spreadsheets and details at an organization that is supporting such great and needed work at Oregon’s CHCs.

Contact or visit OPCA’s events page for event questions and information.

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